Tikkun Olam Community Service Projects

Wilshire Boulevard Temple has a long history of community service. The Karsh Family Social Service Center has become the nexus for existing and new services, as well as annual programs to help people in need. In addition to our Food Pantry, vision and dental care, pro bono legal aid, and support groups to assist with loss and trauma, these services and programs have grown to include, among others, Bikes for Tykes, a daylong event at which we assemble bikes for delivery to underserved kids; The Big Give, the annual gathering of volunteers who prepare and distribute Thanksgiving meals to feed 4,000 of our hungry neighbors; and Jews with Tools, a day volunteers dedicate to help build housing for low-income residents. There are many more.

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Bikes for Tykes

Remember your first bike? How would you like to give an L.A. child his or her first bike, and all the fun, healthy exercise, and independence that comes with it? Form a team with fellow congregants and assemble bikes and present them, along with helmets and locks, to deserving kids. For more information, email Elizabeth Green at elizabeth@karshcenter.org.

The Big Give

On the day of The Big Give, we assemble 1,000 complete Thanksgiving dinners-for-four and distribute them, on the spot, to some of our city’s most needy families. Your entire family is welcome to participate; we have great activities for kids, too.

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Jews with Tools

Help build a home for a deserving L.A. family. Habitat for Humanity provides the tools and real estate. You supply the time, labor, and love.

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