Alliance for Children’s Rights

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Koreatown is home to proven providers of comprehensive services. As such, we have chosen to collaborate with the organizations listed below and bring their services to the Karsh Center.

In addition, we have challenged them to create new and innovative programs tailored to our model for 21st-century social services. We acknowledge the importance of trust between client and provider and feel that each of these organizations has a good track record of acting as trusted liaisons for the people they work with.

“OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center is excited to be collaborating with the Karsh Family Social Service Center to expand our grief support services eastward. We are now serving children and Spanish-speaking adults in the Mid-City/Koreatown area. Having a home base at the Karsh Center will be essential for our continued growth. An attractive part of our collaboration is the potential for Wilshire Boulevard Temple congregants to find meaning in a variety of our volunteer roles, such as co-leading grief support groups and helping to organize events small and large.”

Michele F. Prince, LCSW, MA in Jewish Communal Services
Chief Executive Officer, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

Program and Collaborator Highlights

Program Highlight – Clothing Vouchers from NCJW-LA

Clothing Voucher Program The clothing voucher program, from the National Council of Jewish Women - Los Angeles,  supports people experiencing a life-changing event or living in a low-income household. Each eligible family member may receive a single voucher during a 12-month period. Children under the age of seven (7) can receive a $25 voucher. All other family members can receive $40 vouchers. The vouchers may be [...]

Program Highlight – Community Enrichment

Community Enrichment Program Karsh Center Community Enrichment Group - Patricia is on the far right. Patricia Mendez, a mother to four year-old Christian and a facilitator at Children’s Bureau, helps run a Community Enrichment class in Spanish and English at the Karsh Center every Thursday morning. During class, facilitators lead activities with kids to practice social-emotional development and language skills while [...]

Collaborator Highlight – Maternal Mental Health NOW

Supporting Maternal Mental Health What is maternal mental health? “Maternal mental health” addresses challenges faced by women during the reproductive period, which is a particularly vulnerable time in a woman’s life.  During this time, an individual may develop symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. We estimate that one in seven women will experience postpartum depression or another perinatal mood disorder. These [...]