The Karsh Center strongly believes in the connection between early literacy and later school success. We help parents engage in their children’s education and encourage their growth and development through literacy. Our adult-literacy initiatives help those who need them gain confidence through the improvement of their reading and related skills.

Promoting Literacy for Children and Adults

All children and adults who visit the Karsh Center receive a free book! The Center supports the Book Foundation in promoting literacy and increasing academic success by placing new books in the hands and homes of low-income and underserved children. Books are available in English, Spanish, and Korean. Through the support of our generous donors, books for adults are also available. Every time a child visits the Karsh Center, a book will be available, and there’s no limitation on how often they can visit us.

Computer Usage

The Karsh Center lobby has two computers available for those who would like to research employment or educational opportunities. Visitors can also access a black-and-white printer at the Karsh Center.

English (ESL) Classes

The Karsh Center offers ESL courses for individuals who wish to improve their English ability. Classes are scheduled to start in January 2020.