Guided by Jewish values, the Karsh Family Social Service Center improves the lives of the underserved by providing critical and accessible social services through direct service or collaboration with other providers, while also integrating significant volunteer opportunities to create a uniquely powerful way to help repair the world.


We believe that, by assessing community need, collaborating with other mission-aligned service providers, providing direct services, promoting volunteerism, and analyzing results against our goals, we will systematically create and support a safety net for individuals and families who are often marginalized in our society, so that they may stand with dignity and create a future in which they grow and thrive.

Our Core Values

Creating and building fellowship with those working together through the Karsh Center, including clients, community, volunteers, and Collaborators

Developing innovative solutions to address complex issues in our community by employing new methods and creative ideas that lead to transformation as an organization

Committing to help repair the world by taking action, creating opportunities for individuals to volunteer in meaningful ways, and collectively supporting the community toward a future in which they grow and thrive

Providing appreciation and recognition for the feelings, wishes, rights, and cultural diversity of others