As we know, last Thursday (March 19), Alexandria House suffered a fire that destroyed its residential facilities. Alexandria House’s residents were immediately displaced with very little personal effects.  The Karsh Center was able to meet Alexandria House’s immediate needs that morning, by providing requested toiletries, diapers, food, books and toys.  But there were going to be longer term needs as well.

So, Lizzie Green, Associate Director of Volunteer Engagement at the Karsh Center, reached out that morning to the chairs of Women of Wilshire (“WOW”) to see if they could help.

Linda Brown and Peggy and Cadence Davis swiftly mobilized WOW’s leadership to get toiletry items and necessities to Alexandria House as part of the Karsh Center’s effort to lend support. Linda and Peggy put out a call to the WOW Steering Committee and asked anyone who could to pick up items and bring them to either Linda or Peggy’s house. Seven women jumped in with support and participated. Then before the end of the day on Thursday, Peggy did a big run over to Alexandria House, delivering over eight bags of shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products and snacks.  Peggy was met at Alexandria House was great gratitude.  And, there were extra hygiene supplies that are being distributed to Karsh clients and families!  Although not surprising, Peggy and Linda, and the Women of Wilshire, continue to amaze in their care, responsiveness and ability to make things happen.