The Karsh Center is located in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood, which Wilshire Boulevard Temple has called home since 1929.

The Karsh Family Social Service Center

Located in one of Los Angeles’s most dense, diverse, and economically challenged neighborhoods,
the Karsh Center offers multiple services under one roof. At the Karsh Center, clients can access
dental care, vision care, mental health services, pro bono legal services, grief support, healthy and
nutritious groceries, clothing vouchers, baby supplies, and other resources, as well as learn about
additional regional service providers from Karsh Center volunteers.

The services offered at the Karsh Center are provided directly by the Karsh Center staff or through our collaborations with 27 mission-aligned
social service providers (our “Collaborators”), incorporating our network of dedicated volunteers. Our unique approach allows us to offer a wide range of resources across six program areas without compromising the responsiveness and quality of our services.

A Message from Lila Guirguis, Karsh Center Director

The Karsh Center is the physical expression and vision of how a faith-based institution like Wilshire Boulevard Temple (WBT) invests in the community in which it resides.

The Karsh Center was founded on the commitment from WBT to give back to our neighbors in the multicultural and diverse community of Los Angeles’s Koreatown. The Temple undertook a thoughtful, strategic-planning process to provide the infrastructure and resources to help establish a separate nonprofit organization, the Karsh Center.

Named after the Karsh family, the Karsh Center is designed to provide the fundamental necessities of local residents by offering an array of direct social services through a multi-organizational collaborative approach and a state-of-the-art volunteer engagement program. Our objective is to accomplish this with no restrictions, no judgments, and no barriers regarding who can receive support and care.

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Karsh Center News

Join the Karsh Center for the 2019 Big Give on 6th Street!

Mark November 24th, 2019 on your calendars for our biggest give yet, the 2019 Big Give on 6th Street! 

A favorite annual event, the Big Give is a special day when volunteers prepare and distribute 1,000 Thanksgiving-meals-in-a-bag to our neighbors and families in Koreatown, helping all members of our community prepare for Thanksgiving. 

This year, the Karsh Center and Wilshire Boulevard Temple we are excited to host a special day for neighbors and families in Koreatown, transforming the Big Give into a vibrant resource and family activity fair for all members of our community.  Learn more about the Big Give here.